Photo © Rick Hill

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The Model


This model is of the 2nd Temple, built around 520 BC, and then starting in 20 BC considerably enlarged by Herod the Great.


A trestle table measuring 12ft x 7ft,

over 2m by 3.6m, supports the model.


Sound & Light


Lighting effects switch from night-time flickering oil lamps to daylight levels. Several audio effects stream from concealed speakers around the model’s periphery.

The Presentations


The guided tour of the model explains the function of the various buildings and relates events in the life of Jesus which took place in and near the Temple.


Illustrated talks can cover such topics as the history of the Temple, its design, priests and sacrificial system, and the pilgrim festivals. What the prophetic Scriptures say about the future of the Temple site can be included.


At large venues a 14ft-wide projection screen and a powerful audio system are available.